We get it  — life gets hectic and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of things; and so we’ve created a space for you to hit pause and come as you are.

Regardless of what you’re coming in for: a catch up, a coffee, some time away from the world — we hope to be a place where you feel cared for. 

Enjoy carefully crafted dishes and drinks here. Let your guard down and your imagination run. Let conversations flow and new ideas come. 

Welcome to The Glasshouse.

  • Coffee

    Right from the beginning, Glasshouse has always strived to present what we feel is the best representation of specialty coffee. From sourcing, roasting and finally brewing, we are dedicated to always ensure you have the best cup with us. 

  • Hospitality

    Everyone that arrives through our doors is special to us, and we hope that you feel comfortable in our home. We’ll do what we can to make you feel at home even though your stay with us might be short; till we next meet again.

  • Food

    Largely inspired by our travels, we strive to bring the best of what inspires us to you, while marrying the asian flavours we grew up with and love most. We’re constantly changing up our menu to keep things fresh and enjoyable.